Custom Processing

All Hale Meats is pleased to offer custom processing for hog, beef, lamb, and goat. Animals must be delivered to us alive and healthy. We will slaughter the animal in-house, and then cut and package the meat to your liking. Processing includes your choice of basic cuts as well as a wide variety of our market-blend seasoned sausage (fresh and smoked), breakfast sausage, and jerky. We also offer cured/smoked hams.

There is a $50 kill charge for each animal, plus a processing charge of $0.89 per pound based on hanging weight.

We also offer:

Ground Beef Patties
Breakfast Sausage (Hot or Mild)
German Sausage
- Regular
- Jalapeño Cheddar
- Green Chile Cheddar
Jerky (Hot or Mild)

These items are billed extra per pound made, with a 15 lb minimum for sausage and a 10 lb minimum for jerky (per flavor).

To complete the processing intake form, select your animal below. You can specify cut, weight, and/or thickness per piece, pounds per package, and number of packages.

Beef Cutting

Pork Cutting

Goat and Lamb Cutting

Learn more about our state inspected facility

We understand that you have options when it comes to your processing needs. However, did you know that not all facilities are inspected by the state? Our facility has chosen to be state inspected, so that we are able to provide you with a service that is regulated. The purpose of routine state inspections is to help ensure all public health laws and policies are routinely enforced. State inspections check and regulate a variety of different factors in a facility such as:

  • Helping ensure animal processing is completed humanely
  • Verifying animals are prepared in a sanitary environment
  • Routinely testing for various harmful bacteria such as E. coli and listeria

All beef, hog, goat, and lamb brought into our facility is processed and inspected by a state inspector who is on site at the time of the processing. All beef, hog, goat, and lamb are aged properly (beef approximately 14 to 21 days and hogs 1 to 4 days). All product is processed and packaged (double wrapped) then placed in a freezer for at least 24 hours before being boxed to help ensure a hard freeze. Our mission is to provide you with the best possible product however as only a processing plant, we are not responsible for any meat that might not taste or smell to the customers’ liking. Age, different types of feeds, and breeds of animals might highly affect the way the meat might taste. We can only control the taste and smell of the meat sold out of our retail meat market. 

When animals are processed, they are weighed according to their hanging weight. After allowing time to hang on the rail, the animal is then processed. Depending on the animal’s fat content and what is being processed, approximately 45 to 55% is kept from the hanging weight (depends on the way you have the animal cut).

Each animal is hung individually in our temperature-controlled cooler and all customers are welcome to come in at any time to visually inspect their animal. All Hale Meats is not responsible for any meat products left in our storage freezer for over 90 days.

Remember, when you are looking for a processing plant, not all facilities are state inspected. Make the right choice and choose All Hale Meats, LLC state inspected and routinely monitored.